KABK EXPORT at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
14-01-2019 | 18-01-2013

Designed and Curated by Jakob Kunst and me, for the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

Featuring work of talented recent graduates during the Ambassadors conference 2013 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.

For more info about the participating alumni, please visit the blog.

De Grote Haagse Kunstkalender

Featuring the work of 365 artists, designers and architects from the city of The Hague in a 3 kg block calendar.

Buy it trough its website.

Expanded Performance Finissage

The three month Expanded Performance program closes with a festive event with performances, lectures and tours.

The ending of the program means the opening of the new interior designed by Jakob and me.

During the program, part of the exhibition hall had been designated as workshop to accommodate the build of the new design, turning the process itself into a performance.

Workshop for 2nd year students
29-11-2013 | 30-11-2013

Jakob Kunst and me were asked by the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague to give a workshop to the 2nd year students of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design.

For two days the students worked in groups developing architectural signage within the building of Stroom, reacting to the current exhibition.

Expanded Performance
30-09-2012 | 16-12-2012

For a period of three months the program of Stroom Den Haag will be dedicated to performance art, in the broadest sense of the word.

See the website of Stroom Den Haag for more information about the program and its events.

In collaboration with Jakob Kunst we contributed with several projects, to be seen trough the project menu on the left.

Graphic design by Niels Berk

Interview in Pi Magazine
May | April 2012

Amstel bridge, NEXT Architects

Design for a competition organized by Architectural competition/Concours d’Architecture (AC-CA) The brief: to design an iconic pedestrian bridge in the heart of Amsterdam.

Team: Jurriaan Hillerstrom and me from Next Architects together with Vivian Scheepers, Mia Tsamis and Susheela Sankaram from Arup Amsterdam.

See the website of NEXT Architects for more info.

Awarded with scholarship Toptalent Creatieve Industrie

Alumni Fashion Esther Boskaljon and Nicolaas Hein and alumnus Interior architecture Thomas Heyer received the scholarship Toptalent 2011.

Alderman Kool of the city The Hague presented the scholarships at Friday the 7th of October at the Caballero factory in The Hague.

The scholarship of Toptalent 2011 is an initiative of the programme Creative City The Hague. By means of this scholarship Creative City wants to stimulate the increase of creative businesses and starters in the city.

Winner BNI Prize

BNI is the Dutch Association of Interior Architects.

Every year the BNI offers Interior Architecture graduate students the opportunity to present and to compete for the BNI Prize.

The purpose of the prize is to stimulate future interior architects to make qualitative strong designs. The BNI Prize is the incentive prize for young, talented interior architects.