client: stroom den haag
location: the hague, the netherlands
program: site-specific installation
status: completed 2012
in collaboration with jakob kunst

Expanded Performance is a three-month program dedicated to performance, in the broadest sense of the word. Exploring the practice of ‘expanded’ performance this program questions the role of the exhibition space and actively engages the audience.

The program is characterized by a variety of speeds and layers. Expanded Performance presents artworks that evolve or change from week to week trough activities and visitor participation rather than an exhibition in its finished form. The artworks and projects take on different positions within an expanded field of performance and move beyond the body- or live-centered performance.

The core of the project consists of new works by Ruth Buchanan (New Zealand), Leidy Churchman and MPA (USA), Vlatka Horvat (Croatia/USA) and Adrien Tirtiaux (Belgium).

We were asked to develop an architectural intervention that would bind all aspects of Expanded Performance together. view 03.jpg

The architect plays an important role in the exhibition. He facilitates in space for the artist to work in, and therefore influences part of the presentation.

The works of the four artists are on display in the gallery at the same time and are separated from each other by an intermediate space. This intermediate space is where we will create a both binding and dividing element. The visitor moves through this intermediate space between the ‘isolated’ installations of the artists. In the intermediate space the visitor is a participant, influencing the perception of the space only by being there.

In our project, we started from the premise of the visitors’ presence. When a visitor enters Stroom during Expanded Performance, he or she immediately becomes part of the exhibition. Our installation exists of threads hanging from the ceiling and fill the entire space, which also makes the visitor responsible for claiming the space that they need for themselves.

This concept has been translated in a draft as shown on the left. By suspending threads from the ceiling on a fixed grid, all space in the gallery seems occupied. In order to move through the space, the visitor has to push away the threads and make a path to his destination. During the duration of Expanded Performance, there where events will take place, threads are cut away or binded together to create a space that is at once intimate and personal but also open and visible.

During Expanded Performance the threads will slowly make room for different events that will take place. Because of this, the installation will slowly but surely dissolve and make room for the new entrance area, also designed by us. While one intervention gradually disappears, a new one appears. foto 02.jpg foto 06.jpg foto 05.jpg foto 09.jpg foto 08.jpg foto 04.jpg foto 11.jpg foto 03.jpg